Commissioned Work

Let me paint or illustrate your family, your house or apartment--interior or exterior! I also offer dioramas. Have other project ideas? Send me a message!

Prices below. Use the contact form for more information.

Watercolor illustration

I love making illustrations of people and places! These tend to be smaller, from 4"x4" to 9"x12".

Smaller               $150-$195
Bigger                 $200-$275

Acrylic or pastel painting on canvas or panel

I like to paint with acrylic and soft pastels because it's a bit more free and allows for larger sizes.

Small             $150-$300
Medium      $300-$500
Large            $500 +


This is one of my favorites projects. I love to build one-of a-kind, 3D models of places and inhabit them with everything that belongs there. It takes a lot of hours, but boy oh boy, is it worth it.

$800 +

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Interested in having your very own original artwork?

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